Bartek graduated from the Royal College of Art in London, in 2011 (MA, Ceramics & Glass) and completed a BA degree in ceramic design at Bath School of Art & Design, Bath, in 2007 (BA Hons, 3D Design: Ceramics).

In his work as a designer and maker, Bartek makes the most of the potential offered by contemporary technologies, and merges them with traditional craft techniques.

Since 2008, he has been collaborating with a leading Portuguese porcelain and lead-crystal glass brand, Vista Alegre, for which he designed several collections of tableware and decorative objects. Bartek also worked as a design consultant for porcelain manufacturers such as Wedgwood and Royal Doulton. His collections are regularly presented at trade fairs worldwide, and individual projects are exhibited in curated shows.

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Work Process

"I am interested in combining elements of industrial design with the studio practice of a maker. Rather than relying entirely on modelling software or advanced manufacturing systems like rapid prototyping, I want to use these new tools with more direct methods of making. Depending on the object, this could include cutting and assembling paper elements, carving and stacking plaster profiles or melting wax. The objective is to create an initial object digitally, transfer it to a plaster model – a three dimensional “sketch” – and finish the object by hand. This gives the maker a much better feeling of the shape than can be achieved through modelling software only."

Elle Decoration International Design Awards 2014 - Young Designer Talent Poland